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Lucy Kruger
Roter Salon


„Kruger, who is also one half of dream noise duo, Medicine Boy (Fuzz Club) has music that conjures a bewitching presence from the skeletal yet resonate ambience born of sparse instrumentations that bring forth vocals are almost just a hum and a breath in a silent room.“ (Post Punk)

Lucy Kruger is a songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa who recently moved to Berlin. Her performance focuses on the bare bones of the songs, a slow burning psychedelic folk that is both intimate and ambient.

She will be releasing her second full length album through Unique Records on the 27th of September. Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls is an introspective and gently interrogative collection of sea-gaze songs. They are simple and strange bedroom reflections on the in-between or the underneath of the everyday. Presented almost as they were conceived, Lucy’s guitar and voice swims, sways and sleeps in a bed of dream-like-drones and distant percussion.

„Though the album is called Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls, the music feels like lullabies for Nick Drake, as Lucy treads the same deep waters as the folk-pop singer from the late 60s and early 70s, utilising her voice and acoustic guitar to delicate effect—where the volume is performed in a soft tactile caress of fingers on skin or fretboard.“ (Post-Punk).

Shivers compares the sound of the record to that of Hope Sandoval and Marissa Nadler.

On the 1st of October Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys will be celebrating the release of the new record with a special live performance at Roter Salon.

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