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Illustration: Skizzomat / Marie Emmermann

Mamma Medea
by Tom Lanoye


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Premiere: 27.02.20

A glance that changes everything. In Colchis Medea meets Jason, leader of the Greeks and representative of their culture. Among the people of her father Aeëtes, Jason is regarded as a foe. Together with his Argonauts, he believes he's among barbarians. To Medea, he’s a stranger and she falls for the attraction of his otherness. Betraying Aeëtes and her sister Chalciope, she assists Jason during his quest for the Golden Fleece: he kills all the soldiers growing out of the soil and takes Medea back to Corinth. On the basis of Euripides’ tragedy, Flemish author and playwright Tom Lanoye’s adaptation has two perpetrators, the two culprits in a marriage.

Otherness is a question of perspective in the fraught region between visi-/invisibility and representation. Following her production of Die Hand ist ein einsamer Jäger, director Pınar Karabulut once again confronts the battle of the sexes, as well as the dominant gaze of a white ruling class, in order to reveal the unsettling undercurrents, re-orient perspectives, question interpretations and bring sensual-absurd things to light.

With: Elmira Bahrami, Malick Bauer, Amal Keller, Paula Kober, Sarah Maria Sander, Sylvana Seddig

Director: Pınar Karabulut
Stage design and costumes: Michela Flück
Music: Daniel Murena
Lighting: Denise Potratz
Dramaturgy: Degna Martens

27.02.20, 20:00
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