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Großes Haus

From 27-31 May 2020 we're planning a transcultural theatre festival under the title POSTWEST. In Berlin, the European window to the East, and as a cooperatively built theatre, the Volksbühne is characterised by a dramatic history between East and West. The festival takes the “between place” of the Volksbühne as an anchoring point, opening the window to the East and empowering art makers themselves to be actors that analyse attributions in order to shape them in their own way.

Together with partner theatres from Eastern Europe, which serve in their own countries as places of reflection and critical engagement with the socio-political situation, new productions will be created that challenge the questionable conflict between East and West, interrogating the concepts and the stereotypes that go along with it. Different artistic and discourse formats are planned around the festival's productions in order to expand on the theatrical works and extend the spectrum of the content.

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

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