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Die Ermittlung 2020
by Peter Weiss


Großes Haus
​Premiere: Spring 2020

After a rehearsal I sit at night in the sound booth in the empty theatre and listen to a tape (a recording of the world premiere of Ermittlung (Investigation) in 1968 at the Freien Volksbühne Berlin). The microphones were located in the audience part of the auditorium. While listening to the tape I take a journey through time to the evening of the performance, I feel the actors' pathos that was necessary at the time and the attention paid by the audience, the silence and restlessness in the stalls during certain scenes. And again I'm struck by the power of the text, the relentlessness of the montage, the precision of the perspective. I go home and grab the Peter-Weiss reader In Gegensätzen denken (Thinking in Contradictions), open it to page 198 and go on the journey in the text “Meine Ortschaft” (My Place), the result of Peter Weiss's trip to Auschwitz. And I land again on the last sentence: “Then he knows, it's not over yet”.

Peter Weiss has always been a important conversation partner for me, even though we've never met. I encounter him while grasping for his texts, reading, re-reading, revision and he helps me in reviewing my positions, in the work on thinking in contradictions, which is also a work on propositions that are for and against something. Something always pops out at me. The topic of the sovereignty of specification occupies us both. We're not always of the same opinion on the description of the world, which is probably also due to the fact that we live in different worlds. However – almost always, when I embark on a journey into a new work, I take a book by Peter Weiss along. I can make use of it.

Hans-Werner Kroesinger

Director: Hans-Werner Kroesinger

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