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by Susanne Kennedy and Markus Selg

Drama, Performance

Großes Haus
Premiere 16.01.20

„Everyone is a hero in his birth. He has undergone a tremendous transformation from a little, you might say, water creature living in a realm of the amniotic fluid and so forth, then coming out, becoming an air-breathing mammal that ultimately will be self-standing and so forth, is an enormous transformation and it is a heroic act, and it’s a heroic act on the mother’s part to bring it about. It’s the primary hero form, you might say.“ Joseph Campbell

Human life, humans' acquisition of self awareness as a hero's journey – these are the big questions that Berlin director Susanne Kennedy prepared herself for in her first two works at the Volksbühne (Women in Trouble, 2017 and Coming Society, 2019). In the 2019/20 season she's designing – together with artist Markus Selg, already her collaborator on Coming Society – a model for the creation of a world and the process of gaining conscious awareness of a person within it.

Consciousness as a virtual construction of the world – a dynamic, inner simulation. ULTRAWORLD reveals the act of creation of this virtual reality and presents the journey and transformation of certain selected people within it.

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