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Animation: Skizzomat / Marie Emmermann

based on Heiner Müller

German with English surtitles

Germania. The birth of a nation out of the spirit of war. Two plays: Germania Tod in Berlin and Germania 3. Two works by Müller. A pattern of dealing with the Germania complex continues throughout Heiner Müller's life. He begins the first play in the year of the 20th Soviet Communist party congress in 1956. The people's uprising of 17 June had been crushed by Soviet tanks just three years earlier. Now Khrushchev's reckoning with Stalin's crimes gives reason to hope. Germania Tod in Berlin however, can't be shown in the GDR until 1989. Heiner Müller wrote Germania 3 from 1990 to 1995, thus after the end of the GDR, after reunification and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Two plays. A “Prussian Opening” as well. The arc that Müller draws is powerful. The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in the year 9 CE., the Nibelungen outside of Stalingrad, Napoleon, Caesar, Frederick II, the deaths of Luxemburg and Liebknecht in 1919, Hitler, Stalin, the founding of the GDR, the 17th of June 1953, building the Berlin Wall, former property owners after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The interpretations of German history that Müller offers are provocative and captivating at the same time: Stalingrad is Etzel's hall is the beginning of Bonn, the wall as a memorial to Rosa Luxemburg, Hitler bears the Contergan wolf – the FRG.

Germania. A grotesque farce? A tragedy?

“The Second World War and its consequences. Hitler and Stalin. When all the documentary materials come to light, numerous obstacles just fall away and you can begin again as an author to invent Stalin or Hitler. That's where elements of science-fiction and carnival can come up, I don't know, it'll turn into something.” Heiner Müller, 1990

With: Malick Bauer, Katja Gaudard, Sebastian Grünewald, Peter Jordan, Amal Keller, Paula Kober, Mathis Reinhardt, Emma Rönnebeck and Sebastian Ryser, Lina Mareike Wolfram, Zenghao Yang (puppeteers), Anna Clementi, Friederike Harmsen, Rowan Hellier (singers), choir, Mark Scheibe and orchestra

Director: Claudia Bauer
Stage design: Andreas Auerbach
Costumes: Patricia Talacko
Lighting: Hans-Hermann Schulze
Music: Mark Scheibe
Répétiteur: Hans-Jürgen Osmers
Video: Rebecca Riedel
Dramaturgy: Stephan Wetzel

17.10.19, 19:00
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31.10.19, 19:00
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