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An Evening with
Dan Bodan & Tarren Johnson
Grüner Salon

Performance, Concert

Tarren Johnson, The Settlers Lounge ( second iteration )
The Settlers Lounge, where the everyday lives of the early settlers and their allies were on display. One could ride the train round and round or go inside the pretty buildings.

Written and Directed by Tarren Johnson
Music Composition by Forrest Moody and Tarren Johnson
Performed by Andrew Clarke, Shade Theret and Tarren Johnson

Dan Bodan, LIVE
“Under my fingernails I find the remnants of some 30 years of love-making and colonies of microbes that have grown feral from too much keyboard pounding. I polish them clean with my teeth. Behind my eyelids I tattooed Cyrillic dreams in blue and yellow; a bicolor ASCII portrait of Him. I’d love to stay and chat but our work goes unrewarded so I have a toilet to clean and dog to walk.”

The evening is organized together with The Performance Agency

Tarren Johnson (*1990) is a choreographer and artist from Southern California. She works with performance, video, sculpture and writing. She began dancing and choreographing as a child and continued her work while studying at California Institute of the Arts. She lives and works in Berlin.

Dan Bodan (*1985) is a musician and writer from Canada. For over the past decade he has released a series of recordings on DFA Records and his own imprint Mangrove Records. He lives and works in Berlin.

The Performance Agency is a curatorial platform and brings together artists from different fields to enact new performative happenings. The project was founded in the summer of 2017 by Yael Salomonowitz. Informed by the legacy of the Fluxus movement and upon invitation by Supportico Lopez, The Performance Agency staged its first MASS series at Archivio Conz, which houses Francesco Conz’ collection. Beginning in the early seventies, Conz worked with over 150 artists of the main artistic Avant-Garde movements of his time and this archive is now being catalogued in Berlin. The Performance Agency invited contemporary artists to engage with the material and orchestrated a variety of events throughout the city, whilst producing various performance projects internationally. Most recently The Performance Agency has extended its activity to the representation and production of innovative performance artists and musicians. Tarren Johnson and Dan Bodan are among these artists.

Image: Tarren Johnson, The Settlers Lounge; installation by Joel Cocks and Tarren Johnson; photo: Joel Cocks; copyright & courtesy: the artist & The Performance Agency

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