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Antje Vollmer, Hans-Eckardt Wenzel:
Konrad Wolf. Chronist im Jahrhundert der Extreme
Roter Salon

In German

By taking a look at the life and work of Konrad Wolf, the most important film-maker in the GDR, the neglected East German perspective on the devastations and hopes of the 20th century is reconstructed. His films provide insight into the rationale behind and promises of the “socialist alternative”; in the form of a dialogue Antje Vollmer from the West and Hans-Eckardt Wenzel from the East develop a pan-German narrative of failure and success – of the relationship of art to reality. Born the son of Friedrich Wolf – a well-known and successful writer, doctor and communist – in 1925 in Hechingen (not far away from Tübingen), in 1934 Konrad Wolf immigrated with his family to the Moscow of the Stalinist 30s. In the GDR he became the country's most significant and internationally known film director, while his brother Markus became the head of the foreign intelligence service (whose famous book Die Troika (The Troika) is based on the film draft his brother wasn't able to finish).

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