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Edgar Rai: Im Licht der Zeit
Roter Salon

In German

Book premiere
Moderator: Shelly Kupferberg

Berlin 1929: The story of the young Marlene Dietrich - and epoch-defining birth of the classic film Der blaue Engel (The Blue Angel).

In America talkies have conquered the cinemas, and Germany is falling behind with its silent films. Now the powerful UFA wants to take the country back to the top, no matter what it takes. Half a year later the brilliant Karl Vollmöller has almost everything together: one of the most modern film stages, the celebrated, Oscar-winning Emil Jannings, the best material and the perfect director. His film, Der blaue Engel, isn't going to be just another movie, it will herald the beginning of a new era, of this Vollmöller is sure. It's just the leading lady that's missing. Dietrich could fit the part, she's in a class of her own as a revue girl. But she has no talent as an actress! Vollmöller wants to get her an audition anyway.

Edgar Rai, born 1967 in Hessen, is a translator, a novelist with many successful works and, since 2012, the co-owner of the Uslar & Rai book store in Berlin. In 2010 he had his breakthrough with the bestseller Nächsten Sommer (Next Summer). His most recent work is Tote haben keine Ferien (2019). He lives in Berlin with his family.

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