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Photo: Stephanie Pröm

based on The Spectre of Alexander Wolf
by Gaito Gazdanov

ca. 2h
German and French

We were born between two centuries. We're still young. Fukuyama announced that we were at “the end of history”. We missed history. We tell ourselves stories of the self and self-realisation. Stories of Europe. We feel like foreigners. We're afraid of foreigners. We welcome foreigners. We rarely say “we”. Often we say “I”. We're alone. We're lonely. As one of the final generations, we were born to die. We try not to think about it. We'd rather search for ourselves. We've forgotten that we don't exist.

In his best-known novel, author-in-exile Gaito Gasdanow tells of loneliness and the grating counsel of history. In Berlin and Paris this production confronts his existentialism with the intoxicating freedom of the 21st century.

A production of the collective CIAO NOW in co-production with Volksbühne Berlin, the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst "Ernst Busch" and the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique.

Ich: Benjamin Kühni, Mathilde Mennetrier
Jelena: Richard Le Gall, Beatrix Strobel
Fedortschenko: Lisette Holdack, Jinxuan Mao
Alexander Wolf: Khadija Kouyaté

Director, text: Nikolas Darnstädt
Concept: Mathilde Mennetrier, Nikolas Darnstädt
Stage design: Martina Dimitrova
Costumes: Laura Kirst
Music, director choir: Lukas Darnstädt
Dramaturgy: Carolin Hartwich
Production management: Alina Aleshchenko

20.09.19, 20:00
> few tickets

21.09.19, 20:00
> Limited availability for box office tickets


Photo: Stephanie Pröm

Photo: Stephanie Pröm

Photo: Stephanie Pröm

Photo: Stephanie Pröm

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