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„Das ist Netzpolitik!“
Die Konferenz
Großes Haus, Roter Salon, Grüner Salon

From 11:00 in Roter and Grüner Salon
From 12:00 on the big stage

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It was 15 years ago. Day 1 on Markus Beckedahl types the first blog post. Many others follow. The entire year of 2004 is covered by two authors. It's a hobby that, over the next several years, turns into the most important media outlet for net politics. From a one-man blog to an eleven-member editorial team. Nearly every day a new topic in net politics emerges and needs to be reported on. Today there's as much happening in net politics as happened in one quarter back then. 15 years becomes shorter and shorter every year.

We celebrate this 15th birthday with comrades new and old.

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