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Photo: Promo

TV Noir mit Matze Rossi & Tex
main stage


Doors 19:00, start 20:00

Alin Coen, Francesco Wilking (Höchste Eisenbahn), Naima Husseini, Eva Briegel (Juli) and Mr. Who will support the sick Tex at the end of the tour with Matze Rossi.

“What happens to people who make music together?” Schweinfurt-based singer-songwriter MATZE ROSSI poses this question again and again when he takes to the stage and gets his audience to sing with him, to clap, to stamp their feet. TV Noir-creator TEX pursues the same approach: incorporate the audience into the music, sing songs together, and thus create a community that is more than just the artist up on the stage and the fans below him. When Matze Rossi and Tex create an evening programme together, as they will in the winter of 2019 for the TV Noir concerts, it's clear: they'll be intimate and honest concerts from two emotional musicians in pursuit of one goal – creating a true experience of community for the audience.

“It's unfortunate that the term 'soul music' already has a different meaning, because that's actually precisely what Tex and I do”, says Matze Rossi. “That is, highly authentic, reduced, but also intense and powerful music. That's what connects us, there's heart and soul in it.” Matze Rossi grew up with American punk rock. Tex is inspired by musicians such as Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and Rio Reiser. They're connected by an intelligent, German-language singer-songwriter music that profoundly moves their listeners to laughter and tears in equal parts. Tex explains it like this: “We're planets that circle the same sun but that can also push themselves into completely different orbits.”

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