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Photo: Axel Martens

Die große Wiglaf-Droste-Gala
main stage

With: Bela B, Klaus Bittermann, Marion Brasch, Funny van ­Dannen, Funny van Dannen, Franz Dobler, Fritz Eckenga, Rodrigo Gonzáles, Friedrich Küppersbusch, Jürgen Kuttner, Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre and others
Moderator: Arnulf Rating

A tribute to Wiglaf Droste. In this evening programme we honour a magnificent singer, poet and writer. Friends and comrades read their favourite texts by the grand satirist, genius polemicist, ridiculer of the world and remember what role Wiglaf Droste played for them. They also recall what they owe him for hosting and bringing people together. And in the end, they celebrate him one more time on his way to the eternal hunting grounds.

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