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Animation: Skizzomat/Marie Emmermann

by Ronald M. Schernikau

German with English surtitles

Großes Haus
Premiere 11.12.19

“I am Ronald M. Schernikau, I'm from West Berlin, I have been a citizen of the GDR since the first of September 1989, I have published three books and I'm a communist.” With this sentence Schernikau began his speech at the final writers' congress in the GDR, adding directly thereafter: “I don't think the stupidity of the Communists is an argument against communism”. When his book legende was first released in 1999, the author himself wasn't on this Earth any more. He died of AIDS at the age of 31, eight years before his almost 1000-page magnum opus, that he had been thinking about his entire life, was finally delivered. Soon thereafter, it was no longer available. The consequence: legende became a legend. And whoever hadn't managed to grab it in time missed this grandiose, singular work of contemporary German literature and had to content themselves with rumours. This is all changing in just a few months. Both the Volksbühne and the Berlin publisher Verbrecher Verlag are simultaneously celebrating legende's long-overdue comeback. Two grand stages for a text that avoids any genre characterisation through its exuberant diversity of narrative forms, and whose first setting is a realm of gods from the 80s. That's where fifi, kafau, stino and tete are sitting all alone and paying tribute to one another. They all have a more than worldly past, but now they're up above and stare down on the divided island called Berlin. And because gods that pay tribute to one another also want humans to pay tribute to them, they set off. Their goal: to bring the people (on both sides) as many good things as possible, a lot of strength, optimism, capacity for action.

With: Sólveig Arnarsdóttir, Sarah Franke, Sebastian Grünewald, Ueli Jäggi, Robert Kuchenbuch, Elisa Plüss, Emma Rönnebeck, Katharina Marie Schubert, Sylvana Seddig, Nicolaas van Diepen

Musicians: Chikara Aoshima, Réka Csiszér, Michael Mühlhaus

Director: Stefan Pucher
Stage design: Barbara Ehnes
Costumes: Annabelle Witt
​Lighting: Kevin Sock
Music: Christopher Uhe
Video: Rebecca Riedel
Dramaturgy: Malte Ubenauf

11.12.19, 19:30
* Premiere
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13.12.19, 19:30
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20.12.19, 19:30
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