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Torstraßenfestival 2019
Der Knoten
Großes Haus, Salons, Foyers


Line Up: BEA1991, Chris Imler, CTM, Die Wände, Duendita, Ebow, Gazino Neukölln, Holiday Sidewinder, Jason Harvey, Jealous, Jessica Pratt, John Moods, Juba, Michaela Meise, Mobilegirl, Operators, P.A. Hülsenbeck, rkss, Shunaji, Swoosh, Tara Nome Doyle, The Chap and a few more.

»A festival that takes risks, showcases new talent and explores the best of Berlin’s music scene and beyond« Crack Magazine

After 8 years we’re pulling together the strands of Torstraßen Festival at the Volksbühne for a one-off special edition. One day (and night) will bring an intersection of musical expeditions comprising 28 concerts and DJ sets as well as the Independent Label Market in the foyers. The connective thread is, as always, music from Berlin, and exchanges among different music scenes, artists, and audiences.

The Knot is the leitmotiv of this edition of the festival, representing entanglements, connections and commitment. It can be tightened or loosened, and it can be tied in various ways, by anyone. It encourages you to go for it, to question narratives, to make new connections – or dare to unravel it. Also, it reminds us of an urban utopia with people of different backgrounds negotiating social questions together in close exchange. Our knot brings together different sounds, scenes, people and ideas for one day, in one place.

Independent Label Market: noon – 6 pm (free entry)
Concerts afternoon/evening: 2 pm – midnight
Clubnight: 11 pm – 5 am

The festival ticket includes the entire programme day and night. There will be tickets on the door for the club night only.

Partners: Musicboard Berlin, Amplify Berlin, Independent Label Market
Media partners: Alex Berlin, Ask Helmut, ByteFM, Crack Magazine, Die Epilog, Exberliner, Jungle World, KCRW, Schmutz, SPEX, The Chop

Big stage

Jessica Pratt
Along with her new third album »Quiet Signs«, American singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt is returning to Berlin. Contained within: headstrong, catchy and haunting works from the introverted world of the L.A. freak-folk icon.

P.A. Hülsenbeck
In 2018, the guitarist of the band Sizarr went through an almost unbelievable transformation. With fragile, mystical and highly sensitive song structures, the former indie-popper has expelled his inner core outwards. His show promises to be unforgettable, with synthesizers, horn, koto, saxophone, vocals and dancers (!).

The Chap
We don’t need to say much about The Chap, the experimental pop formation based in Berlin and London, led by lyricist, singer and high-flyer Johannes von Weizsäcker. Except perhaps: They’re back! With a new album coming out this very autumn.

Grüner Salon

Tara Nome Doyle
It was only last year that Tara Nome Doyle released her first single, »Down With You«. The song, meanwhile a hit with over one million spins on Spotify, will never leave your mind’s ear. Through her entire repertoire and with an unforgettable voice, this Berliner songwriter with Norwegian and Irish roots has set herself apart from the competition.

Die Wände
Berlin group Die Wände can justifiably be called an art-school band, as it was founded while the three members were studying at UdK, and their training gets reflected in the trio’s sound. It’s post-rock of the artfully noisy kind, paired with equally artful lyrics in German.

Spirituality, heart, love and soul are words at risk of being kitschy, but such is not the case in connection with this young artist, where sentimentality never overshadows the decisive politics underlying her work. After her recent move to Berlin, the New Yorker is ready for her first major appearance in our city.

The various solo and side projects of the Canadian protagonists of Wolf Parade, Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, have attracted increasing attention. The latter will be joining us not with Divine Fits or Handsome Furs but in his band Operators, with a new album »Radiant Dream« in tow.

Chris Imler
Chris Imler has a legendary reputation as a drummer for all (good!) occasions. But since his second solo album »Maschinen und Tiere« he even trumped that image with one of a spectacular songwriter with a quirky sense of humor just between new and old wave.

Gazino Neukölln
Part of Turkish pop culture since the late 1960s, the genre of arabesk is a blend of Turkish folk music, Arab sounds and Western pop music. Berlin-based Gazino Neukölln pay tribute to this culture and transform every room into a gazino, a kind of nightclub with close contact between the artists and the audience.

Ebow (DJ Set)
Ebow’s album »K4L« stands for »Kanak 4 Life«, presumably inspired by the hip-hop classic »EFIL4ZAGGIN«. But contrary to what you might expect from the genre, it’s less about ego and more about community, family and friends. We invited the rapper – who calls both Berlin and Vienna her home – for a DJ set. She agreed, but she still asked for a microphone.

Roter Salon

The relative newcomers of Jealous have a sound that’s loud, messy, fuzzy, heavy and stoned. Their songs are about serial killers, drug experiences and the weather. They wear nail polish, leather and fur (hopefully not real!) and on the side, run their own label called Baby Satan Records, set to release the Berliner band’s first EP, »What’s Your Damage«.

Fans of our festival should know by now that Felix-Florian Tödtloff is an all-purpose wonder-weapon. This year as Swoosh, he’s debuting his new instrumental, free-rock project with five fellow soldiers, armed with three (!) electric guitars, drums and saxophone.

Holiday Sidewinder
As part of Alex Cameron’s entourage, Holiday Sidewinder already took the stage of Torstraßen Festival last year. Now they’re back with their own repertoire. Hedonistic, feminist empowerment with playful confusion, distinguishable from the “real” showbiz of Las Vegas and Hollywood only with a fine sense of irony.

The quadruple digits in the artist’s name, we surmise, refer not only to her year of birth but also to the era of her musical roots. She’s fascinated publications such as i-D with her crystal-clear pop of the electronic, even Balearic and definitely 90s-inspired variety.

In London, Juba made a name for herself with the forward-thinking, globally minded club night Boko! Boko! Her own music is characterized by her Nigerian roots and her love of contemporary sounds from the African continent and the diaspora, traversing exciting genres such as gqom, kuduro, afrobeats and afrohouse.

Born in Lagos, raised in Rome and now living in London, Shunaji presents herself as an MC of the old school. With laid-back beats and pointed piano samples, she reignites a kind of hip-hop that’s nearly sunk into oblivion, the real deal – storytelling with flow, funk and for sure: future.

The music of Robin Buckley from London explores the tension between club culture, technology, politics and queerness. And not infrequently, with humor. Their most recent release is laced with concept: all the elements of »DJ Tools« were sourced from a sample pack called »EDM Kicks Vol. 1«.

As her name indicates, this Berlin DJ is always fully charged, on the go and picking up signals. Bouncing between fashion, virtual reality and music, her eclectic DJ sets sound like collages made out of R&B, dancehall, trance and techno – and out of fun, seriousness, defiance and entertainment.

3. Stock

Michaela Meise
The medium of choice for Berliner artist Michaela Meise is appropriation: playing lesser-known favorites by Nico, translating chansons from the time of the Greek military junta into German, and interpreting Catholic hymns from the 16th to 19th century. It all happens with empathy and acumen – and accordion.

John Moods
According to legend, it was on a hiking tour along the coast of Spain that Jonathan Jarzyna found himself and his album »The Essential John Moods«. The Berliner’s first solo effort is in no way inferior in quality to his well-known band Fenster, who’ve always had a strong association with our festival. Psychedelic dream-pop, the lonely but sunny kind.

This initialism stand for »Cæcile Trier Music«, revealing the name of the Danish composer, cellist, bassist and singer behind the project. Less straightforward is decrypting the music itself. Her complex, beguilingly futuristic, experimental pop convinced listeners with »Red Dragon«, released by the Copenhagen avant-garde label Posh Isolation.


Jason Harvey
To summarize all of Jason Harvey’s activities is not easy (even for him). So we’ll take an objective approach in describing him as an artist, comedian, storyteller, author entertainer, internet poet and 3D typographer. We’re not exactly sure what he’s planning to do at the festival, but we can guarantee that he’ll be good at it.

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