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Photo: Lea Hopp

Noam Brusilovsky:
Der Tod des Iwan Iljitsch – Sterben in Bern
Grüner Salon

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The writer and director Noam Brusilovsky will premiere his new radio play at the Grüner Salon, followed by a discussion with Sabine Küchler (editor in chief of radio plays, Deutschlandfunk).

Der Tod des Iwan Iljitsch – Sterben in Bern (The Death of Ivan Ilyich – Dying in Bern) describes the development process of a theater production in a collage of stage recordings, voiceovers, plays, and lectures: After twenty-six-year-old theater director Amir Kaplan developed cancer, he made his own illness the subject of a production in Bern, inspired by a Tolstoy novel: The Death of Ivan Ilyich (1886). Like the ill Ivan Ilyich, who weighs up his life on his deathbed and concludes that all aspects of it were a single deception and “not right,” Amir Kaplan asks himself similar questions during the rehearsal process: “How can the story of one’s own illness be told by others, and how can the the unimaginable – death – be portrayed on a stage?” With the help of various experts in Bern who deal with dying and death professionally, he imagines his own dying in the federal city. In his radio drama, Noam Brusilovsky distances himself from Tolstoy’s original text and pushes the boundaries between play and reality, and between the representable and the unrepresentable.

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An event in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk and Südwestrundfunk.

Noam Brusilovsky, born in Israel in 1988, is a writer and director. He has been living in Berlin since 2012 and completed his studies in theater directing at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. This was followed by numerous works as a radio playwright in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk and Südwestrundunk, and as a director with projects at the Sophiensælen and the Konzert Theater Bern, among others. His theater productions have made guest appearances at various festivals such as Autorentheatertagen, Körber Studio Junge Regie, Radikal Jung, and Fast Forward; his radio plays have won numerous awards, including the Deutschen Hörspielpreis 2017.

Der Tod des Iwan Iljitsch – Sterben in Bern (The Death of Ivan Ilyich—Dying in Bern) (DLF/SWR 2019)
Radio Play by Noam Brusilovsky based on the novella of the same name by Leo Tolstoy
Composition/Sounds: Antonia Beeskow
Direction: Noam Brusilovsky
With: Carina Braunschmidt, Dor Aloni, Florentine Krafft, Nico Delpy, Gabriel Schneider
Production: Dlf/SWR 2019 Length: 51:09
First broadcast on Deutschlandfunk: 13/07/2019, 20:05

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