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Photo: Falko Siewert

Im Fadenkreuz. Die T-HOUSE-TOUR #8 von Novoflot
Performing Arts Festival Berlin

With the T-House-Tour they began in 2014, the Berlin opera company Novoflot launched an ongoing pilot project on the future of a music theatre in motion. Based on improvisation, the T-House-Tour is a work-in-progress about music-dramatic forms of presentation that do not depend on the spatial conditions of an individual institution but rather adapt to where they appear. After numerous stops in public space in Berlin, the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Radialsystem and the Akademie der Künste, as well as the Walcheturm Zurich, Schauspielhaus Zurich, Matucana 100/Santiago de Chile and Parque Cultural in Valparaiso/Chile, the George Tabori Prize-winning company is returning to Berlin for a performance in front of the Volksbühne. In their luggage: the new composition Im Fadenkreuz by Swiss composer Michael Wertmüller! In addition, no performance is like the others because the mobile opera house designed by the Berlin architects GRAFT is in continuous transformation. This time, on the basis of Wertmüller's composition, it's interpreting the architectonic potential of crosshairs. Fortunately it's also the case that the hosts of the T-House are welcoming legendary trombonists Conny Bauer and Nils Wogram, among others, to set the pre-existing elements in movement once again, according to their wishes. Composer: Michael Wertmüller, among others. A world premiere: Im Fadenkreuz (In the Crosshairs) for soprano, clarinet, saxophone and trombone.


Photo: Safak Velioglu

Photo: Falko Siewert

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