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„Berlin, Alter“. Notizen der Großstadt
mit Joab Nist von Notes of Berlin und Sebastian Lehmann
Roter Salon

In German

Berlin writes the best stories. All you have to do is look and listen very closely. Joab Nist does the looking. He collects the oddest and most entertaining slips, notes and messages that the people of this city leave behind every day and publishes them on his blog Notes of Berlin. Sebastian Lehmann, on the other hand, listens. He transcribes what he hears and turns it into stories that he reads at his Lesebühne stages or on radioeins.

For this joint programme they're presenting the best stories and messages that the city has to offer. Reading, PowerPoint presentation, talk. And whatever else occurs to them.

Joab Nist runs the cult blog Notes of Berlin, a homage to all the notes that Berlin leaves in the city landscape. With over 400,000 subscribers/followers, it's one of the country's most-read blogs. He regularly presents the best notes at live shows, has published three books and likes to take the U8.

Sebastian Lehmann is a member of the Lesedüne and Fuchs & Söhne Lesebühne stages. His Elterntelefonate programme plays regularly on rbb radioeins. He has published numerous books, most recently: Mit deinem Bruder hatten wir ja Glück – Telefonate mit meinen Eltern (We Were Lucky with Your Brother – Phone Calls with My Parents).

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