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Photo: Markus Tedeskino

Janina Findeisen:
Mein Zimmer im Haus des Krieges. 351 Tage gefangen in Syrien
Roter Salon

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What is friendship really worth during war?

Journalist Janina Findeisen was kidnapped while on a research trip in Syria in 2015, and held captive for a total of 351 days. She went to Syria to meet with her childhood friend who had converted to Islam, and to understand how her radicalisation had happened. Shortly after their meeting, she was kidnapped. She then spent almost a year in different places, locked in various rooms, guarded by armed men. In one of those rooms she gave birth to her child. He book tells of 351 days in war, of survival in solitary confinement, the first months with her child and finally her rescue. A story about hope, resistance and love, friendship and betrayal and the cruel logic of war.

Cooperation partner / Moderator:
Christoph Dreyer, Reporters without Borders

Conversation with:
Volkmar Kabisch, NDR

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