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„Sag was!“ – Framing bei Gesprächen im Alltag
Veranstaltet von Tadel verpflichtet! e. V. und Diskursiv
Roter Salon

In German

„You cannot not frame!“ - in recent months the term “framing” has become part of the standard political vocabulary. According to the political right in particular, framing is manipulation. The fact that right-wing populists have themselves successfully framed many debates – is another kettle of fish apparently. But should it be? Shouldn't the reaction to all this be to put more value on deliberately framing? And do the same conditions apply to a conversation with your uncle at a family gathering as a debate with Alice Weidel in a talk show? How important is language for the development of political opinions? Does it help to sometimes make the terms themselves topics of conversation in order to conduct better discussions in everyday life? Or do such discussions about language only dig the trenches deeper?

These questions are discussed by Anne Wizorek, Johannes Hillje and Philipp Steffan, moderated by Gemina Picht. But the conversation won't be limited to the stage. With the help of a variety of participatory formats ( the audience is explicitly invited to take part in the discussion and contribute example situations. In this fashion, an exchange will be developed in which the debate on conscious framing can be conducted in an application-oriented manner.

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