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Holger Brüns:
Vierzehn Tage – Sommernovelle
Roter Salon

In German

Book premiere with surprise guests

Musical guests: Karin, Carsten and Sir Henry

Vierzehn Tage (Fourteen Days) tells of a melancholic episode in the life of a Berliner in his mid-40s, in which the sun always shines, the sky is always clear and blue, and life isn't easy. He works for the post office, has two weeks free and doesn't know what to do with himself. So he drifts around, meets up with acquaintances, drives out to the country for a few days and begins an affair with a younger Spanish man. His faithful travel companions are his memories of times gone by: of the West Berlin of the 80s, old ideals and struggles, a youth which is now behind him.

Holger Brüns devotes himself to the questions of ageing, big and small: what became of the life that I once dreamed of? What happens to me while the world changes around me? Why is all that so boring? Is that all there is? And will I ever fix up my kitchen?

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