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P14 on Screen
Some Voodoo on these Motherfuckers
A series in four episodes

In German

An army of women, why does it have to be an army? Doesn't that sound quite masculine? And where is this army supposed to lead us? Into a post-revolutionary depression? Only chaos offers us a way to dissolve concepts. A chaos that constantly shatters and rebuilds without a direction or goal. A terrorist cell that is focused on the prevention of every established system. We don't want to head into the void, but we don't want to march into the patriarchy either. We don't want your presents. It’s time to work some Voodoo.

Directors: Charlotte Brandhorst, Josefin Fischer, Leonie Jenning, Esther Roth, Isi Thiele, Marlon Weber
Camera: Christine Krammer, Nimo Wöginger, Rosa Nietzsche
Music: Ben Engelgeer, Fee Aviv Marschall
Band: Detektor S
Video editing: Gabi Bertin, Charlotte Brandhorst, Josefin Fischer, Bastian Gascho, Leonie Jenning, Esther Roth, Isi Thiele, Vanessa Unzalu Troya, Marlon Weber
Lighting: Leander Hagen
P14 director and dramaturgy: Vanessa Unzalu Troya
Poster: Luis Krawen

Episode 0: Die Séance. Zusammentreffen der J-Frauen

Juno: Lucia Kolodziej
Jesus: Imke Grünewald Francia
Jael: Kaya Müntz, Carla Schüddekopf
Jilmer: Anne Tismer

Episode I: Mission Bombe

Juno: Lucia Kolodziej
M-Women: Luzie Scheuritzel, Julian Winterstein, Marike Voss, Anaϊs Urban
Narrator: Anaϊs Urban
Researcher: Milan Herms, Luzie Scheuritzel
Men on TV: Marike Voss, Anaϊs Urban, Luzie Scheuritzel
Jael: Kaya Müntz, Carla Schüddekopf

Author and director: Charlotte Brandhorst
Camera: Nimo Wöginger
Music: Ben Engelgeer, Fee Aviv Marschall
Costumes: Zelal Yesilyurt
Sound: Gabi Bertin
Video editing: Charlotte Brandhorst, Gabi Bertin

Episode II: Bibliotheque Rose

Jesus: Imke Grünewald Franeia
Juno: Lucia Kolodziej
Female workers in production: Marlene Kommallein, Selma Schulte-Frohlinde
Band: Ben Engelgeer, Ferdinand Dölberg, Esther Roth
The Spirit: Heinrich Weyer
The Child: Bille Rosalie Azadian
SWW: Elfe Brandenburger

Authors and directors: Isi Thiele, Josefin Fischer
Camera: Nimo Wöginger
Video editing: Isi Thiele, Josefin Fischer
Sound: Charlotte Brandhorst, Esther Roth
Lighting: Leander Hagen
Music: Josefin Fischer, Isi Thiele, Ben Engelgeer, Heinrich Weyer

Episode III:

Jael: Kaya Müntz, Carla Schüddekopf
The Tribunal: Charlotte Brandhorst, Isi Thiele, Josefin Fischer
Female soldiers: Elias Geißler, Ben Engelgeer, Rahel Scharabi, Berenike Melchor, Isi Thiele, Autumn Konrad
„Men“: Caspar Unterweger, Finn Michelis, Vanessa Unzalu Troya
The divine Computah: Lola Grunert

Director: Esther Roth
Text: Lola Grunert, Esther Roth
Costumes: Marie Luise Schumacher, Marie Greulich
Outfitting: Fanny Weil
Camera: Nimo Woginger
Video editing: Esther Roth
Music: Fee Aviv Marschall, Emil Schneider


Knowledge authority: Anne Tismer
Radio: Anais Urban, Milan Herms, Fee Aviv Marshall
Whistles: Elena Beringer, Rahel Scharabi, Lilith Krause, Nathalie Seiß, Cem Kaya, Rieke Seja, connected from Bochum: Ann Göbel
Terror cell: Yasmin El Yassini, Carl Hegemann, Martha von Mechow, Vanessa Unzalu Troya
Coco Lympics: Raban Renatus
Band Detektor S: Esther Roth, Isi Thiele, Josefin Fischer, (Fee Aviv Marshall)

Directors: Marlon Weber, Leonie Jenning
Text: Leonie Jenning, Marlon Weber
Costumes: Anais Urban
Camera: Christine Krammer, Rosa Nitzsche
Video editing: Marlon Weber, Bastian Gascho
Music: Fee Aviv Marshall


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