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Lafawndah’s journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has wound as unpredictably as her compositional style; her traversing of musical and artistic milieus has been defined by a freedom of tone, surrealist sense of space and assured manipulation of formal and psychological tension.

Her debut album ANCESTOR BOY, releasing in Spring of 2019 via her own imprint CONCORDIA, is a bracing statement of intent, heralding an artist unbound in scope, scale, and intensity. Crafted with the aid of fellow travelers Nick Weiss, Aaron David Ross, and L-Vis 1990 (and with guest appearances from the likes of GAIKA, Kelsey Lu, Bonnie Banane, Julie Byrne and the inimitable Jon Hassell), ANCESTOR BOY's maximalism - it’s overflow of detail, of feeling, of ideas - serves to amplify a frequent lyrical motif: the sensation that one body, one lifetime, isn’t big enough for what you’re feeling.

For Lafawndah 2018 was filled with a myriad of musical highlights and successes - including a celebrated performance featuring peers Tirzah, Kelsey Lu and more at London’s South Bank in December, growing from her acclaimed HONEY COLONY mixtapes. Meanwhile her heart-stopping inter-generational music & film collaboration with Japanese ambient legend Midori Takada in Le Renard Bleu (with KENZO and Partel Oliva) continues to echo into new forms, with a full production performance titled ‘Ceremonial Blue’ premiering at the Barbican, London in April. And streaming now, her achingly beautiful self-directed video for JOSEPH - a lullaby and an ode to newborn life co-written with Jamie Woon - has set Lafawndah apart as an independent director with a singular vision spanning multiple media and artforms.

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