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Photo: Katrin Ribbe

based on Oscar Wildes Salomé

1h 10min
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Myth, taboo subject, thorn in our side, secret, unexplored region – female desire is both a social curiosity and an indispensable part of women's emancipation. Thus there were already fantasies full of longing pronounced in Oscar Wilde's Salomé: “Ah! thou wouldst not suffer me to kiss thy mouth, Jokanaan. Well! I will kiss it now. I will bite it with my teeth as one bites a ripe fruit.” Many years later, somewhere in the world or on a distant star, a small civilisation exists in exile – desire as sexual principle has been fully repressed. With this futuristic dreariness in the background, a group comes together with the goal of uncovering desire again, keeping it alive and practising it in secret. In fact it's Wilde's Salomé adaptation that's their most important source: this beautiful, insane character – with her stalkers, this curious appeal and the desires both urgent and unfulfilled – inspires them to bring a spectacle of fantasies of desire to the stage. Just as Salomé sheds her worldly layers in the dance of the seven veils in order to reveal the 'real', this club is also seeking the authentic: what is real desire?

FINAL FANTASY is a many-layered story of sexual desires, traditional expectations and imaginations. An experimental arrangement is created that rubs up against the dichotomy of gaze and image, subjects it to a playful examination, translates it into theatrical worlds. Director Lucia Bihler takes to the stage herself and, together with an ensemble of five other performers, invites the audience to enter an indissoluble world: let the fantasies in the room wrestle with the images in your head! Find your final fantasy!

Premiere: 12.12.19.

With: Lucia Bihler, Katja Gaudard, Simon Mantei, Daniel Nerlich, Teresa Schergaut

Concept & director: Lucia Bihler
Artistic advisor: Sonja Laaser
Stage design: Laura Kirst
Costumes: Leonie Falke
Video: Rosanna Graf
Music: Nicolas Fehr
Light: Denise Potratz
Dramaturgy: Hannah Schünemann

21.01.20, 19:30
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22.01.20, 20:00
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25.01.20, 20:00
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26.01.20, 19:00
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Trailer: Nanna MBS

Photo: Katrin Ribbe

Photo: Katrin Ribbe

Photo: Katrin Ribbe

Photo: Katrin Ribbe

Photo: Katrin Ribbe

Photo: Katrin Ribbe

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