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by Lucia Bihler


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Premiere: 12.12.19

Myth, taboo subject, thorn in our side, secret, unexplored region – female desire is a social curiosity and indispensable part of women's emancipation at the same time. The performance Final Fantasy seeks this desire and sets it free. Director Lucia Bihler takes to the stage herself and provides, together with other female performers, the audience with their fantasies. During an intensive research process, sexual wants, concepts and imaginations of female desire are investigated, developed into images and put on display. The male gaze, which also has an effect on female desire, isn't ignored in this process, but rather appropriated, captured, occupied. An experimental arrangement is created that rubs up against the dichotomy of gaze and image, exploits it, translates it. An invitation to all women: as a spectacle of fantasies, it conquers public space, finds applications in the visible territory of our world and creates pictures of an open female sexuality. Find your final fantasy!


Director: Lucia Bihler
Stage design: Laura Kirst
Costumes: Leonie Falke
Dramaturgy: Hannah Schünemann
Artistic advisor: Sonja Laaser

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