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„Schön hausen“ von Peter Brasch
Die Wiederveröffentlichungspremiere mit Marion Brasch, Lena Brasch und Alexander Scheer
Roter Salon

In German

Gianluca is a gravedigger and bell-ringer in a small Italian village. One day he finds himself in Berlin on Alexanderplatz, accompanied by a doddering bird that's inclined to excessive alcohol consumption. From his home on a park bench he prowls through the city, encountering Vietnamese cigarette dealers, housewives, art photographers, police officers – and again and again he meets this man named Brasch, who happily accepts Gianluca's offer to switch roles.

Peter Brasch shapes an entirely unique magical realism Berlin-style in this picaresque novel of the 90s. Locations and times flow together, bodies and identities are interchangeable, author Brash encounters his own self as a character. The fall of the Berlin wall was followed by the levelling of all borders. For these autobiographically inspired characters, the world melts between desire and desperation, home and away, past and future.


Photo: holmsohn

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