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Es geht um die Texte – Lesung Tippgemeinschaft 2019
Roter Salon

In German

Texts by students of Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig: Anna Kira Koltermann, Julian Korb, Anne Oltscher, Tobias Siebert

Tippgemeinschaft is a workshop presentation from the students at the German Institute for Literature Leipzig. In this edition we're aiming to place the text in the foreground. Dis-place it and make room for a Furthermore, an And Still, an As If. Offer a different interpretation. An opportunity to evaluate just how much our assumptions about authors influence how we read texts.

We're fed up with the fact that authors are usually conflated with their work, that a text is evaluated and endorsed according to how well-known its author is. We fight against name-dropping, a biographical search for references – especially in backgrounds and gender.

We aim to disrupt conditioned ways of reading. It's an invitation to irritation.


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