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Photo: Hagen Schnauss

Helmut Krausser:
Zur Wildnis. 45 Kurze aus Berlin
Roter Salon

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Pub talk from Berlin-Neukölln, carefully overheard or cleverly invented by Helmut Krausser.

In the Neuköllner corner pub “Zur Wildnis”, where Helmut Krausser plays backgammon with friends once or twice a week, encounters, conversations and discussions occur between people who couldn't be more different. That's due to the very reasonable beer prices and living-room like atmosphere. It's easy to let time slip by here and with Manni, the barkeep, you can open a tab as a regular customer without risking a grimace of disapproval.

Krausser recorded his experiences in the “wilderness” in columns that appeared in the Zitty city magazine from 2015 to 2018: witty, comical, lively observations from the metropolis – complete with the snotty charm of Berliner “service” culture.


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