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Literaturpreis der A und A Kulturstiftung 2019: Dorothee Elmiger
Roter Salon

In German

Laudation: Christine Lötscher
Reading: Samia Dauenhauer and Mex Schlüpfer
Oud: Obeid Alousef

Dorothee Elmiger receives the A und A Kulturstiftung’s literary prize for her novel Schlafgänger*:

Intense, political, combative: a novel about prosperity and the distribution of resources, about migration and crossing borders.

Somewhere deep in the European forest, they run across each other. Cross-border commuters, smugglers, refugees, workers, applicants for asylum, inspectors, artists, instrumentalists, actors, journalists, scholarship recipients, logistics specialists, students, spirits. They come from everywhere. They are all representatives of our times, and they start up a conversation. About backgrounds and justice, about the body and the state, import and export, homeland and migration, about luck, music and death.

Dorothee Elmiger has written a novel that illuminates the explosive questions of our present. And in this she finds a language that hasn't been heard in contemporary German literature before.

*The title translates roughly as “Hot-bedders”, which refers to lodgers who rent beds by the hour instead of full-time, but a related German word, “Grenzgänger”, refers to people who cross borders to work.

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