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Democracy Lecture 2019 der "Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik":
Luiz Ruffato. Brasilien: Der neue Faschismus?
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Portuguese with simultaneous translation into German

A fascist rules the world’s fifth largest democracy: Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s newly elected president glorifies the old military dictatorship, stirs up hatred against the opposition, and acceleratespushes forward the destruction of nature.

In the Democracy Lecture 2019, the Brazilian novelist and journalist Luiz Ruffato warns of escalating violence and dramatic divisions in his country: With Bolsonaro, Brazil is heading towards fascism.

Does democracy still have a chance in Brazil? And how does its fate impact Latin America, a place once believed to be the cradle of global leftist movements?

This is thee sixth Democracy Lecture from of the »Blätter« and follows Thomas Piketty (2014), Naomi Klein (2015), Paul Mason (2016), Wendy Brown (2017) aund Richard Sennett (2018).

After the talk by Luiz Ruffato: discussion with Renata Motta (FU Berlin) and Claudia Zilla (SWP). Moderated by Kristina Dietz.

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