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Nate Young, John R. Spykes (Wolf Eyes), Nina
Roter Salon


Nate Young is a Detroit-based musician working in experimental electronic sound for over twenty years. In 1998, Young founded legendary noise group Wolf Eyes. The noise architect lingers inside a series of haunted scenes, animated by the surreal sounds of homemade instruments.

John R. Spykes: What to expect from the inzane leg of the Wolf Eyes puzzle? Solo homemade gutter creek reeds diving into the sound of the bleak Midwest. Rhythms that amount to defining internal disasters via slow live audio motion. Hundreds of Spykes releases, rarely seen solo: here is your uncommon live window into spontaneous rotten brass / electronics sound - soul - thought.

Golden Pudel Club resident and V I S co-founder Nina crafts a monolithic, hypnotic and physical mix of drone, ambient and modern composition tracks.



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