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Lino Capra Vaccina
Screening: Saturnalia 2017 & DJ Set
Roter Salon


Lino Capra Vaccina is a legendary cult composer and percussionist who created a unique version of American minimalism. He is the founding member of the early 1970's avant-garde ensembles Aktuala and Telaio Magnetico, and was also a key member of Franco Battiato’s band. With gongs, Tuvan throat singing, and stripped down analogue electronica he composed the revolutionary and meditative album Antico Adagio somewhere deep in the 70's. A rare chance to see him on stage.

Screening: Saturnalia 2017 (IT) 18.18min & DJ Set

Saturnalia is the gathering of an international community whose interest in experimental culture and unusual social interaction has a strong political and spiritual meaning. It happens every June in Milan at Macao, one of the last fortresses of culture-oriented squatting. In 2017 Saturnalia had its biggest instalment featuring a courageous line-up while Macao, under the threat of eviction, was mobilising the entire community to stay alive. This documentary portrays the atmosphere of those days investigating what it means to be underground in current times. Opening the night is a selection of 70s Italian avant-garde music by Saturnalia member and organiser Arcangelo.

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