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Thorsten Becker: ME FIRST
Staged reading with Carmen-Maja and Jennipher Antoni
Roter Salon

In German

Thorsten Becker has conjured up a quirky contribution to the #MeToo debate. Yes, one could even say that his mother-daughter play ME FIRST, finally gives debate status back to the hashtag that's degenerated into a denunciation campaign.

He achieves this by exposing the ridiculousness of the overstrained victim-perpetrator pattern.

Have we entered into a new era of the battle of the sexes? Is humanity on the way to putting on trial the natural world that brings us into this world as either women or men without asking us? Can we destroy the dictatorship of nature that forces us into constant reproduction? Has the ideal of eliminating the differences between the sexes drifted within our reach?

Selma Zimmer, a young actor, has devoted herself to this ideal and the struggle to make it a reality. She's joined the ASIIBUB (Anti-Sexistische Initiative in Bühnengenossenschaft und Bühnenverein, Anti-Sexist Initiative in the Stage Cooperative and Stage Society).

Anka Zimmer, her mother, an actress and personality that's an unmistakable product of the socialist social order that's now dissolved, presents her with more than enough things to attack.

Slowly it becomes clear: (the) protest against the principle of reproduction has always existed. In everyday life it takes on the form of a conflict between generations. This conflict, even though it takes on a tragic tone as struggles between fathers and sons in literature around the world, is comical by its nature, since we usually have to take on both roles over the course of our lives.

Warning! This event can lead to permanent damage of the ad- and abductors in your risible muscles.

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