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Kabeljau & Talk: The literary game show
Roter Salon

In German

Presented by: Victor Kümel & Chris Möller
Guest: Stefanie de Velasco

Inspired by US late-night shows, Kabeljau & Talk is a format that takes the pace, humour and playful nature of these programmes and transposes them onto a literary event. At the heart of the evening is a manuscript that an author is currently working on, which is then discussed on stage with two experts. As everyday experts, they go beyond the world of novels. They work in nightclubs, refugee centres or the UN, and therefore approach these texts with fundamentally different questions. This meeting of minds in conversations, book readings and literary adaptations of game-show-formats, allows for surprising changes in perspective on tomorrow’s novels.

In the first edition of 2019, Stefanie de Velasco is our guest for a discussion of her current novel draft and the dangerous appeal of sects.

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