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David Goeßmann: Die Erfindung der bedrohten Republik
Roter Salon

In German

Book launch

Presented by: Dr. Irmtraud Gutschke

Over and over again, threats are orchestrated and utilised to push through unpopular policies. Since the New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne at the very latest, the federal government, parliament and mass media in Germany have declared that those seeking protection, the victims of war and displacement are dangerous - and the Germans are the ones that must be protected.

In Die Erfindung der bedrohten Republik (Inventing the Threatened Republic), David Goeßmann goes into great detail about the calculations behind politics' and mass media's favourite bogeyman and about how incorrectly and irresponsibly they acted and continue to act. He takes a look behind the staged hysteria around terror, shows how protection for refugees is eroding and presents possible alternatives to the current strategy of isolation.

A particularly disturbing aspect of Goeßmann's investigation arises in one of his unexpected results: this irrational defence mechanism affects almost all media outlets and parties in the same way, and it involves the political spectrum.


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