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Photo: Judith Kinitz

Peng Peng Parker with Nora Gomringer and Philipp Scholz
Roter Salon

Concert, Literature
In German

Dorothy Parker was a many-layered woman: poet, lover, advertising copywriter and Oscar nominee. Her lyrical work is funny and laconic, at times tender, at times hard. No one has written with such sighs and laughs about love and the jockeying between the sexes as Dorothy Parker, leaving behind both caricatures and highly detailed portraits of denizens of the society of her time. 1920s New York is inconceivable without this icon. Gomringer & Scholz, who made a splash a few years back with their CD PENG PENG PENG, have created amazing songs out of the abundance of Parker's mocking, humorous and love poems for colleagues, dogs and men. Melodious and rhythmic, funny and unique, the duo softens the black and white of old photos and tinkling piano keys into the melodies that have long lingered between the lines.

The English originals are combined in equal parts with the delightful German translations by Ulrich Blumenbach (Denn mein Herz ist frisch gebrochen, dual-language edition released by Doerlemann in 2017). Denis Scheck on Gomringer & Scholz: “Perk up your ears when Nora Gomringer and Philipp Scholz get going! What Gomringer and Scholz have produced on Peng Peng Peng has rhyme and reason, heart and brains – it comforts, entertains, builds you up and through its sublime wit remains unashamed about putting you in a good mood”.

Nora Gomringer, born in 1980, has her roots in spoken word and currently works in the broad field of poetry and recitation. She has been awarded numerous residencies and prizes for her work as a poet, including the Bachmann Prize in 2015. She is particularly fond of forms of collaboration with musicians and filmmakers, which is why more and more of her poetry can also be found online. Since 2010 she has been the director of the International House of Artists Villa Concordia in Bamberg.

Philipp Scholz, born in 1990, is a jazz drummer and lives in Leipzig. He plays in numerous bands and groups with which he has received numerous awards, including the Junger Münchner Jazzpreis for his band PLOT in 2014.

The composer wishes to thank the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for authorizing the use of Dorothy Parker's work.

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