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My life, slightly edited.:
Christoph Hein reads – Wenzel sings and plays
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Christoph Hein is known as the chronicler of East and West German circumstances, as a precise dissector of a once-divided nation that still hasn't joined together properly yet. And he's a magnificent storyteller. Up to now Christoph Hein has told the stories of others, but now in Gegenlauschangriff, for and on his 75th birthday, he's talking about his personal experiences, about how the father of a friend named Thomas Brasch betrayed his son. About the director that made Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) and asked Hein to tell him more about those lives. About censorship and (lack of) freedom to travel, and in the end, about how all of that became history.

On this day of celebration, Hein leaves the little ones with his children's book Alles, was du brauchst – Die 20 wichtigsten Dinge im Leben (Everything You Need: The 20 Most Important Things in Life): a friend, an intact family, a few things such as a bed or a bike, knowing how to cook your favourite dish. Furthermore, Christoph Hein knows a few things about why discoveries and inventions are especially important. And why a good story, tears and being in love complete our happiness.

While Christoph Hein reads from his new books, Wenzel will listen and ponder which song he should sing afterwards. The list is long: songs with lyrics adapted from Christoph Hein or songs by Wenzel or by Theodor Kramer? And finally the question: with which instrument? With the piano? The accordion? The guitar? In short: songs and text in conversation.

Photo: Heike Steinweg, Suhrkamp Verlag / frau-mü

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