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Photo: Jasper Kettner

Bernadette La Hengst
Roter Salon


In her concerts, Bernadette La Hengst presents pretty much everything that's needed to save the world with melodies: from swinging pop songs through mad krautrock chansons to Arab pop and soul for lovers. From funk and folk to rap and electro-dub. Bernadette La Hengst persuasively unites point of view and revolt.

A Bernadette La Hengst concert is everything but self-oriented, socially conscious pop that pulls at your heart strings. Her beats are fat, her charm is disarming. Bernadette takes care of the rest with guitars and a wonderfully powerful and passionate voice.

With “I’m an Island” she created the official song for the UN Climate Change Conference in 2017, appeared in the David Bowie musical Lazarus at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg as a guitarist in the 2018/2019 season and released her latest album in March 2019: Wir sind die Vielen.

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