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Online-Lust statt Online-Frust: Wie Journalismus im Netz funktioniert
Roter Salon

In German

With Prof. Hektor Haarkötter, Markus Beckedahl (, Tina Groll (Zeit online), Sebastian Esser (Krautreporter)
Presented by: Herbert von Halem

In the age of the Internet, the day – as it appears in the word “jour-nalism” – is no longer of any importance. Today it's all about being up-to-date every minute, about journalism in real time. Nothing is as old as the news from this morning!

Journalistic stories are now told digitally – regardless of whether you're producing television, recording a podcast or writing a story. Online journalism is no longer its own external channel next to others, rather all journalism is online journalism as well. Das Handbuch zum Online-Journalismus by Hektor Haarkötter was released in January 2019 by the Herbert von Halem Verlag.

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