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Photo: Theresa Baumgartner

Rabih Beaini & Vincent Moon: Live Cinema
Roter Salon


Musician Rabih Beaini and independent filmmaker Vincent Moon perform a live cinema event by mixing and improvising within a selection of films by Moon in which he explores human rituals and "experimental folklore". The duo manipulate the original scores in real-time, while adding different audio material and effects to create a complex environment that will broaden the audience experience. The result is a very unique show merging spiritual traditions and avant-garde cinema with radical, unconventional sounds. Restless, intense and yet poetic.
Watch excerpt here.

Rabih Beaini
Lebanese-born and formerly known as Morphosis, Rabih Beaini’s genuine musical ability and a range of influences - from krautrock to new wave - seep into his inventive, dark, and emotional productions and immersive DJ sets. While his productions join the dots between raw, elementary electronica, and jazz, his Morphine label has telescoped in on key (often overlooked) voices in avant-garde electronic and outernational music.

Vincent Moon
Dubbed 'the re-inventor of the music video' by the New York Times, since 2009, Vincent Moon dedicates himself to his nomadic label, la Collection Petites Planètes. Crossing the world, his camera and computer in his backpack, making ethnographic-experimental films in an independent way, recording traditional and sacred music, religious and shamanic rituals, then sharing it all free on internet, under a Creative Commons license.

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