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Die!Landschaft, goo goo g’joob!, Hannelore
Grüner Salon


One evening, three bands, five musicians

Visual artists, critics and curators go at it! At times with brutal primal force, other times with rather minimalist drastic qualities, and yet others with intricate vehemence.

Andreas Schlaegel, drums, Manfred Peckl, voice, in dialogical mutual affirmation, hunter on the lookout, rolling clay into the stone age. They set bodies into rhythms, submerge moments into the distant world.

Manfred Peckl, artist, curator
Andreas Schlaegel, artist, curator, critic

goo goo g'joob
Virtuosic-aggressive guitar riffs (Catherine Lorent, Tom Früchtl), a stoic bass (Raimar Stange) and a dynamic-laconic drum (Andreas Schlaegel), as well as vocals from Catherine Lorent all strive towards an entirely unique perfection: the goo goo g'joob cover rock of the 21st century.

Tom Früchtl, artist
Catherine Lorent, artist
Andreas Schlaegel, artist, curator, critic
Raimar Stange, curator, critic

Catherine Lorent, drum and vocals, Tom Früchtl, guitar, play spontaneous compositions. They allow themselves to be inspired by various metal genres, creating alloys out of metal and other styles of music.

Catherine Lorent, artist
Tom Früchtl, artist

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