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Anas Maghrebi & COYG
Grüner Salon

Concert, Party

Anas Maghrebi is a musician and producer. He lived in Damascus before leaving to Beirut in early 2013 and then to Berlin in 2015. He founded the Syrian Indie band “Khebez Dawle” in late 2012, in the midst of the Syrian Uprising, produced the band’s debut album, and collaborated with many local acts in Syria and Lebanon. In 2018 he produced the music for “Ici” - a concept album by the visual artist Saâdane Afif.

On this evening, Maghrebi will perform songs from “Ici” as well as new tracks from his first solo album “Daftar Layli”. Then, the new band project COYG (Congratulations on Your Graduation) will turn the space into a dance floor with the atmosphere of a house-party. COYG are three individuals who perform masked and anonymously. With their synth-based music and juicy rhythms they try to take a break from their politically charged reality every now and then.

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