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Photo: Etienne Laurent

Romy Straßenburg: Adieu liberté
Roter Salon

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Europe, and France in particular, have changed dramatically in recent years due to political upheavals, dramatic events and societal tension. Romy Strasbourg lived through the worst of all of this, but still hasn't had enough of Parisian life. Using disasters large and small as her starting point, Romy Straßenburg tells of how the end of the carefree life affected her and her French friends, she recounts social ills and personal impressions, love and politics, culture and terror. Authentic, lively and self-deprecating, she gets to the heart of a whole generation of French, German – of European – attitudes towards life.

Romy Straßenburg, born 1983, is from Berlin. She studied French, history and sociology before moving to France at the age of 24. Since then she has worked as a reporter for many German and French-German media outlets both in front of and behind the camera. In 2008 she won the German-French Journalist Award and was nominated for the Grimme Prize in 2016. She was editor-in-chief of the German edition of Charlie Hebdo and lectures at a school of journalism in Paris. Her work focuses on France's societal transformation and on the consequences for people of her generation in particular.

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