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Reinhard Kuhnert: In fremder Nähe
Roter Salon

In German

Reinhard Kuhnert reads excerpts from his new novel In fremder Nähe and sings some of his political/nasty songs, accompanied by Erik Kross

It's the middle of the 80s. A wall divides Berlin and the rest of Germany. Elias Effert is a man of the theatre: He lives in East Berlin and works as a playwright, actor, songwriter. When his texts cross the line away from the criticism that could still be tolerated, the GDR's art watchdogs make it clear to him that his works are no longer wanted. He can go. After a long waiting period, he finally lands in West Berlin, and finds himself in a world that's completely foreign to him, despite the proximity. The rules of the game are different. Even when, after a while, he starts to experience some initial success, it's still difficult for him to become part of the West. When the wall falls, Effert is forced to realise that he's now permanently stuck between West and East. Then, in the end, a unexpected path opens up for him.

“It's of utmost importance that Kuhnert has put to paper this chapter in the relationship between East and West Germany. An artist novel that could only be written in the here and now.” rbb Kulturradio

Reinhard Kuhnert studied theatre and literature in Leipzig. He composes texts for the theatre, radio and television, as well as his own prose and poetry. From 1994-2007 he lived in Galway, Ireland where he was also a visiting lecturer. He had a position at the Victorian College of Arts at the University of Melbourne in 2006. In 1999 he received the Brothers Grimm Award from the state of Berlin.

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