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Photo: Christopher Citivillo

Ben Salomo: Ben Salomo bedeutet Sohn des Friedens
Book & Music Release Party
Roter Salon

In German

Presented by: Martin Niewendick (journalist for Die Welt)

Ben Salomo is one of the most successful and, at the same time, most extraordinary rappers in Germany. Born in Israel, Salomo is a devout Jew and goes on the offensive in processing his Jewish identity through his texts. To distance himself from the violent and anti-Semitic statements made by his fellow musicians, he gave up his successful concert series “Rap on Wednesday” in May 2018, with which he had garnered up to two million views per month on YouTube. In his book Ben Salomo bedeutet Sohn des Friedens (Ben Salomo Means Son of Peace, Europa Verlag), he talks about his life as a Jew in Germany. Growing up in the backyards of Schöneberg, as a teenager he was already experiencing discrimination due to his cultural roots.

In both his music and Ben Salomo bedeutet Sohn des Friedens, he takes a critical look at tendencies in society, noting a disturbing development towards hatred and agitation against minorities. He positions himself against this in order to find a path back to humanity, where resentment, prejudice and racism have no place.

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