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Best of Poetry Slam Special: F U T U R E
main stage

In German

With: Volker Strübing, Anna Lucia, Andy Strauß, Yusuf Rieger, TBA
MCs: Julian Heun, Wolf Hogekamp

Do poetry slammers have texts on new social utopias? How do poets conceive of the time after the great predatory exploitation? How can we escape the digital inferno of convenience? And are people soon to be redundant or not?

A Best of Poetry Slam with a focus on the “future” might be just the answer to all these questions, leaving you with a few new inspirations for your own tomorrows.

But only time will tell and for now we've got a line-up of poets who've brought down the house around the country and overflow YouTube channels. In particular those poets that'd you'd like to watch for more than just five minutes. That's why our poets have 10 minutes to win over the audience.

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