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Andrew Pekler

Andrew Pekler & Tomoko Sauvage
Roter Salon


Andrew Pekler was born in 1973 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. His family immigrated to the United States in 1980. He has resided in Germany since 1995. As an artist, Pekler works with techniques of digital sampling and analog synthesis to re–contextualize found sounds and archival musical materials.

His last album release, Tristes Tropiques is a collection of synthetic exotica, pseudo-ethnographic music and unreal field recordings. More recently, Pekler has employed strategies of imaginary ethnography to produce the piece “Description of an Island”, which was premiered at the 2017 INA - GRM Présences Électronique festival and to assemble Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas, an interactive online map that charts the sounds and histories of islands that were once found on nautical maps but have since disappeared.

Andrew Pekler’s live performances are largely improvisational works-in-progress in which he produces a flow of spontaneous new compositions using the sonic and visual components of his most recent and upcoming projects.

Over the past decade, Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR) has been working on “natural synthesizer” of her invention – waterbowls - combining water, ceramics, hydrophones (underwater microphones) and electronics. Through primordial elements augmented by technology, enlivened by ritualistic yet playful gestures, Sauvage's work contemplates, tunes and connects both the material and the immaterial, in keeping a fragile balance between hazard and mastery. Her latest album, "Musique Hydromantique", (Shelter Press, 2017) alludes to hyromancy, the ancient method of divination by means of water.


Tomoko Sauvage. Credit: WOS Festival / Leo Lopez

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