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Photo: Eleni Avraam

Heather Leigh, Konrad Sprenger
Roter Salon


Heather Leigh
The daughter of a coal miner, weaving a trail from West Virginia to Texas and now residing in Scotland, Heather Leigh furthers the vast unexplored reaches of pedal steel guitar.

Her playing is as physical as it is phantom, combining spontaneous compositions with a feel for the full interaction of flesh with hallucinatory power sources. With a rare combination of sensitivity and strength, Leigh’s steel mainlines sanctified slide guitar and deforms it using hypnotic tone-implosions, juggling walls of bleeding amp tone with choral vocal constructs and wrenching single note ascensions.

New album 'Throne', out on Editions Mego in October 2018, is a suite of heartbleed ballads cauterised with burning riffs. After the rawness of its precursor I Abused Animal, Throne is a record of late night Americana and heavy femininity; intimate love songs smoked in sensuality. The songs on Throne are woozy, gorgeous and uncomfortable, smothered in thick layers of bass but lifted by multitracked vocals. These are rich song forms that stand in contrast to the stripped down steel in her duo with Peter Brotzmann. It is an album of cosmic echoes, abstractions and introspection, of characters and stories that make up Leigh's first best pop record, its melodies and hooks set alight with the fiery core of her unique and distinctive pedal steel.

Heather will perform as a duo with John Hannon (violin/electronics).

Konrad Sprenger (Choose, PAN) is the pseudonym of Joerg Hiller, a composer, music producer and artist based in Berlin. His recent focus has been on live performance with a computer-controlled multi-channel electric guitar. Konrad Sprenger explores rhythmic patterns based on the Euclidean algorithm, to evoke a kind of cognitive insecurity through metrical dissonance. Sprenger approaches the strings of the guitar as frequency generators, tuned and set into motion by various electronically controlled mechanical actions. The music relates to the insistent rhythms of Minimalism, Krautrock and Techno, and their shared focus on transcendence through propulsive, full-spectrum sound. His music and installation work have been presented at Berghain, Pavilion of the Volksbühne Berlin, Kunsthalle Basel, MoMA PS1, Sonar among others.


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