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Politics of Data:
A conversation with Nora Al-Badri
and CryptoParty Berlin
Grüner Salon

Discourse, Party
In German

Doors open at 6 pm
Tickets: 5 / 3 €

In this salon we will focus on the relationship between freedom and democracy on the web, in conversation with artist Nora Al-Badri and CryptoParty Berlin. How free are we when we surf the web? Who does our content belong to? Is our personal data less worthy of protection than the art objects in cultural institutions? Al-Badri confronts the terms "free" and "open" as they relate to data, for instance in her 2016 “Nefertiti hack” and other cultural hacks. She advocates for the demand of internet activists for more transparency from the government in their online treatment of public goods, as well as for increased individual data protection.

CryptoParties are a format that also raises awareness about these issues: A CryptoParty is a meeting that aims to share knowledge about fundamental encryption and evasion techniques. They can also serve to hide internet usage and become a kind of “human shield” for the protection of whistle-blowers. Supporters of the CryptoParty argue that individuals who have good reasons to hide something are criminalized through forced demasking online.

We will discuss the limits of freedom and transparency with Nora Al-Badri, CryptoParty Berlin, Ellen Euler, Jonas Leonhard Tinius, Fazil Moradi, Fabian Hesse, Mitra Wakil, Daniel Seitz and our audience.

Nora Al-Badri is a German-Iraqi multi-disciplinary media artist based in Berlin. She studied political science at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. In 2009, she began to work with Jan Nikolai Nelles on some of her projects. She is represented by the Nome Gallery.

Part of the transmediale Vorspiel pre-festival programme

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