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Reboot FM & Cashmere Radio:
Free Radio Futures

Discourse, Party
German and English

Doors open at 6 pm
Tickets: 8 / 5 €

For the next 3 years, together with Cashmere Radio and partners BLN.FM, radiomobil, SAVVY Funk and wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (the Radio Netzwerk Berlin) will broadcast Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays on 88.4 FM Berlin & 90.7 FM Potsdam., Cashmere Radio and partners team up in the Grüner Salon for a live on-air and on-site celebration to launch this exciting new weekend broadcast, celebrating community and experimental radio. The stations present a diverse evening, including readings with Gina D’Orio & Branka Prlic, Rex Joswig, and Jacinta Nandi, a panel discussion with Pit Schultz and partners, and DJ Sets featuring Asozial Engagiert (Lulu und Örbi), Francoise Cactus, Infinite Livez, Lisa & Lyon, and many more.

18:00 Kleinkrieg Salon, Gina D'Orio & Branka Prlic
18:30 Fresh Fruit with the Frosch Prince, Tristan
19:00 Free Radio Futures: introduction - Pit Schultz,
Discussion: Giacomo Gianetta, Cashmere Radio - Kamily Metawala, Savvy,
Jessica Schmidt, BLN.FM, Bino Byansi Byakuleka, Wearebornfree!
moderated by Diana McCarty
20:00 Francoise ( Cactus
20:30 Please Mind the Gap, Marimoriko
21:00 Riot Mama Speaks, Jacinta Nandi,
21:30 Asozial Engagiert (Lulu und Örbi),
22:00 CHEAP Funk (CHEAP Collective: Vaginal Davis, Daniel Hendrickson, Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel)
22:30 Prongof108
23:00 KonTa
23:30 Grenzpunkt Null, Rex Joswig
00:00 Pass the Aux, Kike Oludemi
00:30 Lisa & Lyon’s Raw Cuts
01:00 Texture Mix, Elissa Suckdog
01:30 Gozel Radio, 2/5 BZ is an award-winning free artist radio station with an eclectic group of contributors working in pop culture, politics, text, theater, fashion and experimental music. They broadcast independent content, in conversation with Berlin’s cultural scene, including live music, art and discourse and have listeners all around the world.

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