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Jutta Hoffmann reads the works of Einar Schleef for the author's 75th birthday
Roter Salon

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Born in Sangerhausen (Saxony-Anhalt), Schleef left in 1964 to study painting and set design in East Berlin. His first works for the theatre followed. His 1975 production of Miss Julie, directed together with B.K. Tragelehn at the Berliner Ensemble, became the stuff of legend; it was cancelled after only 10 performances because it presented a cultural-political nuisance. In 1976 Schleef travelled to the West and stayed, eventually settling in Frankfurt to work as a director. His production of Mütter (Mothers) caused an uproar. The world premieres of Jelinek's Sportstück (Sports Play) at the Burgtheater in Vienna and Hochhuth's Wessis in Weimar (West Germans in Weimar) at the Berliner Ensemble were just as celebrated as they were controversial.

Schleef wrote plays, a two-volume novel, Gertrud, and a long essay, Droge Faust Parsifal. His multi-volume journals, simply titled Tagebuch, provide not only insights into his work, his life and his thought, but also a testimony on the history of divided Germany.

Einar Schleef passed away in Berlin in 2001.

Actress Jutta Hoffmann acted in several Schleef productions including Fräulein Julie (Miss Julie, title role) and his final staging Verratenes Volk (A Betrayed People). On the day before what would have been his 75th birthday, Jutta Hoffmann reads stories and tales by Schleef such as “Zuhause”, “Arthur” and “Die Villa”. As an introduction, Corinne Orlowski and Schleef's long-term editor Hans-Ulrich Müller-Schwefe present Orlowski's volume Vor dem Palast. Gespräche mit Einar Schleef (In Front of the Palace. Conversations about Einar Schleef, published by suhrkamp spectaculum), prepared for his 75th birthday.

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